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This page is built all around my interests for science, news, social activities
but also personal things, which I encountered in life or make me curious.

Who am I?

Far, far away, near the woods of Bavaria, in a small town called Straubing, is where I saw the first light of day.
See what has happened since back then:

  • Born 1990
  • Graduated in 2011
  • Bachelor of arts in 2014 at university of Regensburg
  • Master of science in 2017 at Hochschule Duesseldorf


I am hugely interested in science such as astronomy, computer science, biology, but also political and economical news, travelling and social events or music.


German (mother language), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner), taught Latin and Ancient Greek,
C, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Arduino, Android (Java), Lua etc.


Also make sure to check out my ongoing or past projects.

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